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Managing Directors
Our candidates are of the highest calibre.  By understanding clients and their businesses, we have previous experience in placing successful candidates in Managing Director positions along with the following directorship roles.

Sales Directors

A Sales Directors main goal will be to focus on the long term growth of the company, combined with devising and implementing a sales strategy.  With a solid understanding of the print and packaging industry, they will also have proven experience in their field with the ability to lead a solid sales team.

Production Directors

We understand Production Directors need to have the ability to ensure the manufacturing process runs smoothly and efficiently. Prospective candidates will have proven experience in planning, estimating, negotiating.  They will also have experience in agreeing to budgets and timescales with clients and managers respectively.

Commercial Directors

Are you looking for a Commercial Director who will be able to implement a commercial strategy?  We have candidates who possess this quality with exceptional mindsets who have proven involvement in leadership in previous roles.  We understand these roles demand candidates possess excellent organisational skills and to display a creative strategical mindset.